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Thermo Electric Wire & Cable

Flame retardant PVC insulation provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. UL listed constructions are also available. Nylon constructions are available for applications requiring a small diameter and/or a 250F (121C) temperature rating.

Polyvinyl Chloride 221F (105C)
Nylon 250F (121C)



These fluoropolymers are rated for use from 328F (-200C) up to high tempera-tures shown for each construction. They are flame retardant and non-propagating in fire conditions. All are moisture and chemical resistant and accepted for use around food and pharmaceuticals. ETFE in addition provides excellent cut through, crush, and abrasion resistance.

ETFE 300F (150C)
FEP 400F (200C)
PFA 500F (260C)



A variety of color coded polyimide film constructions are available with an operating range of 328F (-200C) to +500F (260C) continuous. They are highly resistant to abrasion and solvents and are unaffected by extreme or rapid variations in temperature. PTFE tape rated to 500F (260C) is also available.

PTFE 500F (260C)
Polymide 500F (260C)



A special blend containing synthetic polyamide fibers that offer superior physical characteristics. Its excellent thermal properties make it ideally suited for continuous use at temperatures up to 500F (260C) and intermittent use at higher tempera-tures.
When used as a jacket material it imparts superior abrasion resistance compared to fiberglass.

B-Fiber 500F (260C)



Patented AUTOCLAVE THERMOCOUPLE. A connector plug molded-on to single extrusion FEP or PFA insulated thermocouple wire with an exposed welded junction. Eliminates leaks, loose connections and reversed polarity. Low temperature operation to -328F (-200C). Also available as bulk wire only.

TE/D 400F (200C)
HTE/D 500F (260C)



Individual conductors are insulated with fiberglass braid and may be ordered twisted (with no jacket) or with an overall fiberglass jacket. Designed for continuous use in high temperature applications. Reduced itch "TUFFBOND" construction is available.

Braided Fiberglass
G 950F (510C)
Q 1300F (704C)



Vitreous silica fibers are braided on individual conductors and the construction is completed with an overall braid of vitreous silica fiber. The construction is specially designed for extreme temperature applications to 1800F (982C). Supplied saturant free with or without tracers in the negative leg.

Braided Vitreous Silica
1800F (982C)



Designed for extreme temperature applications. Ceramic fiber is braided on the individual conductors and the jacket giving a continuous temperature rating of 2200F (1204C). The ceramic fiber is flexible throughout the extended temperature range. The high temperature limit of CEFIR allows it to be used in areas where bead-ed ceramic thermocouples or sheathed thermocouples were previously specified. CEFIR is available with or without saturant or tracers.

CEFIR 2200F (1204C)



A variety of specialty metal coverings are available for use with insulated wire. These coverings include stainless steel, tinned copper and Inconel braids offering excellent cut through and abrasion protection from low to high temperatures.

Metal Coverings